Welcome to my world of photography and thank you for visiting. My passion for photography as art is driven by the awareness of and search for the endless possibilities to see ordinary subjects in more creative ways.  My photography is the result of that passion and vision. I hope my images communicate a unique sense of time and place, action and emotion, color and light--that moves you to experience our world from different perspectives—both visually and emotionally—as I have!.

 Ray Scott, a native of Arkansas, grew up in the outdoors and spent much of his time exploring the beautiful lakes, streams, and woodlands of the natural state. In the early 1980’s, Ray began photographing the beauty and natural wonders of these special places.  After 30+ years, he still enjoys exploring our natural and man-made world through the lens of a camera. Ray lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his wife, Susan, and their wonderful, rescued Goldendoodle dog, Riley.They all make frequent road-trips in their RV in search of more wonderful experiences AND photo opportunities.

 Please take time to enjoy the variety of subjects and images in Ray’s wonderful Galleries. 

Ray's Equipment:

Nikon         z6 Mirrorless camera w/Nikon 24-70/4 S lens; Nikon FTZ lens adapter                                                 Nikon         z5 Mirrorless (IR Converted) w/Nikkor Lens Adapter                                  

Nikkor         AF 17-35mm   2.8D, ED-IF                

Nikkor         AF 24-120mm; 3.5-5.6D ED-IF         

Nikon          AF 50mm f/1.8 G, AF-S                 

Nikkor         AF Micro 105mm 2.8D                     

Nikkor           AF-S 70-200mm 1.2.8 GII ED VR IF        

Nikkor           AF-S 300mm 1:2.8 G VR II ED              

Nikkor           AF-S 600mm 1:4 G ED VR IF                   

Nikon            AF-S Teleconverter TC-14E II, 1.4x        

Nikon          SC-17 Remote TTL Cord                                                      

RRS              B2 LR II, Lever Quick Release Clamp                                  

Markins        Q-Ball M10L Ballhead                                                        

Kirk              BH-1 Ballhead                                                                    

Kirk              Quick Releases PZ43 & PZ14                                                

Kirk               Lens Plate 300/AFS LP1                                                        

Gitzo              Carbon Fiber GT3541 XLS

Wimberley     WH 200 Gimbal Swivel Head/w Mounting Plate

Bogen            Monopod 3249                                                                        

Manfrotto      Tripod Carbon One 441 

Lowepro         Lens Trekker 600 AW III

LowePro         Photo Trekker Pack                                                  

Pelican            PCS247G Roller Camera Case